Horizon 2020: WellCo

WellCo aims to develop a virtual coach platform that supports people in behavior changes towards a healthier lifestyle. The platform will continuously monitor the status of users, and will provide personalized interventions, guidance and follow-ups.  WellCo provides its users with personal recommendations and goals to achieve, and with the guidance of the virtual coach the users will be able to stay on track with their new lifestyle choices. Users will receive follow-ups and will be supported by a multidisciplinary team of experts as well as their close caregivers.

Project partners:  HI-Iberia Ingenieria y Proyectos SL (ES), FBK Research center (IT), University of Copenhage (DK), Jožef Stefan Institute Research centre (SI), ConnectedCare (NL), Gerencia de Servicios Sociales de Castilla y León, GSS Public Administration (ES), Monsenso – MON (DK), University of Southern Denmark (SDU) Research organization (DK).

Want to know more about the project?

Get in touch with: Martijn Vastenburg, m.h.vastenburg@connectedcare.nl.
Visit the project website: www.wellco-project.eu.