Ambient Assisted Living Program: Elders-Up!

Start date: 2014 / End date: 2015

Aim of the project: Elders-Up! has the aim to unlock the knowledge and experience of seniors to startups. The knowledge and experience of serniors is of great value to starting companies and can contribute to the success of startups. The Elders-Up! project aims to enhance the knowledge transfer between generations. A system is developed to support collaboration between the two groups. With the Elders-Up! tool, seniors will be able to join startups, and act as advisor to small companies. The heart of the Elders-Up! system is the smart user interface which collects data on how the system is being used in order to adapt the application automatically to the user. The seniors are motivated to be actively involved and contribute.

Project partners: ISOIN (ES), IDENER (ES), Geoimaiging (CY), Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (RO), CleverCherry Ltd (UK), Elderly Care Center “Agia Marina” (CY), Stockport City Council (UK)

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