Ambient Assisted Living Program: CoME

Start date: 2015 / End date: 2018

Aim of the project: CoME is aimed at seniors with mild cognitive impairments and their informal caregivers. The pressure on this group is growing, due to increasing responsibilities. This makes it more difficult for the informal caregiver to participate in society, while caring for the senior. CoME tries to relieve the pressure through monitoring of physical, intellectual, emotional and social wellbeing of the care demander. This would enable detection of small changes, resulting in quick and adequate follow-up, preventing worsening of cognitive abilities. Beside this, CoME wants to support the informal caregivers by providing information and training through Augmented Reality. The services of CoME will be delivered by the healthcare professional. The ultimate aim of the ICT platform is to increase wellbeing and autonomy of seniors in their own environment en lower healthcare costs.

Project partners: HI-Iberia Ingenieria y Proyectos SL (ES), Biomedical Research Institute for Health in Lleida (ES), University of Geneve (CH), Vigisense (CH), Pannon Business Network Association (HU)

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