R&D explorations: Social robotics
With social robotics we engage patients in social communication and therapy, in direct connection with the social network! We now seek funding to further develop the design ideas.
R&D project: MyGuardian
Improving the mobility of elderly with mild cognitive impairment, while maintaining their autonomy and dignity
R&D project: FairCare
Improving accessibility of informal and formal care through a digital portal.

ConnectedCare Research & Development

ConnectedCare aims to improve the healthcare experience. We develop digital solutions that facilitate better collaboration between caretakers, informal caregivers and professional caregivers.

With a strong background in design research, we start each challenge by user research and design explorations. We co-create solutions with a diversity of stakeholders. We test and iterate our ideas with real users. And we start the business development process, in order to optimally prepare new ideas for market entry.

If you too want to improve healthcare by true innovations, we invite you to explore ideas and develop solutions with us!

User research

We design for the target users, including seniors, informal caregivers and professional caregivers. All projects start with extensive user research in combination with participatory design. Interviews, workshops, probes and generative sessions – the research activities are selected based on the project needs.


When designing digital tools and services, we consider the triangle of user needs, technological opportunities and business viability. Through participatory design techniques, the stakeholders are involved in all design stages.

Software development

Software development is key to service innovation. With our team of front-end and back-end developers, we can create prototypes, proof-of-concepts, demonstrators and commercial solutions.

Project Management

ConnectedCare has years of experience in managing R&D projects. In our project management, our goal is to maximize results and minimize overhead.